Some Useful Links For BikeBrain Folks:

Palm V Charging:

When you're on the road with your Palm V and you need to recharge your batteries, this handy-dandy charger that works with a 9-volt battery will keep you topped off (many other wacky Palm attachments at this site):

 Palm V Portable Charger

Pilot/Palm Battery-Draining Cradle Bug:

Hard to believe, but the cradle actually DRAINS your non-Palm V Palms and Pilots - Don't leave your Palm in the cradle when not hotsyncing!

Here's a page that documents that:

 Palm Battery Drain Fix

Get SnapShots of your BikeBrain Graph:

The BikeBrain desktop software lets you see your ride in detail when you get back to your desktop system.
On the road, the speed graph drifts off the screen as the seconds tick by.  Future versions of the software will allow
browsing old logs, but until then, BikeBrainer Dennis Fisher ( has this tip (Thanks, Dennis):

"I use SaveScreenHack which works with BikeBrain by touching the 123 dot
which normally activates the numeric keyboard, but instead saves the log
screen as a pic. I then retrieve the log screen pic using TinyViewer. This
allows me to reveiw the most important information pertaining to my rides
while away from my PC."

These are Freeware, and you can download these from  PalmGearHQ and other download sites...

Store BikeBrain and your Route directions in Flash Memory:

Palm III/x and Palm V/x have flash memory, which is not erased if your batteries run out.  You can store
routes and the BikeBrain program in flash memory with the help of a handy utility (not freeware) called
FlashPro.  Download FlashPro from  PalmGearHQ  or other download sites.