BikeBrain Rides Paris-Brest-Paris!

From 10:30 PM August 23rd, 1999 till Friday afternoon, August 27th, BikeBrain rode Paris-Brest-Paris,  a classic Randonee - 1265 kilometers and 30,000 feet of climbing.

This ride is a tradition that has been held every four years for over one hundred years. Nearly 4,000 Randonneurs (endurance cyclists) from
all over the world, who prepared for four years, gathered in Paris for this amazing event.  Riders are generally self-supported and can't sleep for very long
during the days of the ride.

France is a wonderful country that welcomes cyclists with love and warmth.  All day, and all night, the French folks in the
countryside stand along the route and cheer, offering food, drinks, and encouragement.  BikeBrain is very grateful for the hospitality,
and for the good company of all the other brave and strong Randonneurs.

As you can see below, BikeBrain was pedalling for 57 hours, and eating, sleeping and joking for 30.  He'll be back in 2003!