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I use the BB all the time. I had a sabbatical this past August and rode from San Francisco to LA using the BB and it was awesome. I hit 47.5 MPH on the trip and it was fun "recording" the ride for review at night. All my riding friends are jealous of my BB, to be sure.

R.W, Tracy, California

I want to say that I got the BikeBrain kit for the Palm V... and I love it. Its a lot of fun and very useful...  accent on fun!!!

S.C, Palo Alto

Overall, I found the use of the BikeBrain in the 8 day tour to be a positive experience.  At any given time, I did seem to have more of a clue than the other riders using paper cue sheets when and what the next turn would be.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that on all days, even through three century rides, I got by on only one pair of NiMH batteries (I'd recharge them each night).

K.T., Six Mile, South Carolina

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