Bicycle Routes--Submit A Route
Special Offer - Get a free BikeBrain T-shirt by sending us 5 route sheets.  Each route sheet needs to have a clearly defined starting point, distance points, (delta distances are optional), corresponding turn indications and descriptions.  If yours are usable, we'll send you a free T-shirt.  Follow the directions below for submitting a route.

You can submit a route by:

  • completing the form below
  • sending e-mail with the same information to
  • FAX us the route at (650) 969-9286
  • sending e-mail with the .pdb or .vtr as an attachment to
Prologue of the ride (e.g., directions to the starting point, or a general description of the route).

Enter the route directions below. If possible, submit your directions from the "Export Route Text" option of BikeBrain Desktop software. Simply paste it in the text box below.

We can also accept data you provide to us as long as it contains the following data elements:

Each field must be present and multiple words for direction or description should be contained in quotation marks.
For example:
 0.0 start       0 "start at Sand Hill and Arboretum, and go West on Sand Hill Road"
 2.0 straight    0 "continue West on Sand Hill from the light at Alpine Road"
10.0 left        0 "turn left onto Alpine Rd. Watch for ticket-happy cops at stop sign."
15.0 "stay left" 0 "continue through light at Junipero Serra."
15.1 right       0 "turn right onto Sand Hill Road"
17.2 end         0 "go cool off at Monterey Market or the deli across from it."
In this example we didn't have altitude data, but we entered zeros as altitude placeholders.

Velotrend happily accepts submissions of favorite route directions from our readers. We will share these with visitors to our website. Please note that Velotrend does not pay for submissions.