BikeBrain Troubleshooting and Tips

Q: My Palm will spontaneously shutdown while riding.
A: One user reported this problem and traced it loose and vibrating batteries.  His solution was to place some heavy paper, e.g. a business card, in the battery compartment in order to keep the batteries from losing electrical contact.

Q: The BikeBrain CD-ROM installation fails.
A:  If while installing BikeBrain you get an "Illegal Error-- Shut Down" box and details that are similar to the following:
> > > INSTALL caused an invalid page fault in
> > > module MACXW4.DRV at 000a:00000759.
> > > Registers:
> > > EAX=00000400 CS=03bf EIP=00000759 EFLGS=00000206
> > > EBX=00a00000 SS=638f ESP=000086d6 EBP=01150004
> > > ECX=0ffffef7 DS=200f ESI=81cfdfec FS=00cf
> > > EDX=00010011 ES=0437 EDI=00000000 GS=0000
> > > Bytes at CS:EIP:
> > > 8b 46 14 8b f8 81 e0 ff 00 00 00 c1 e0 10 c1 ed
> > > Stack dump:
> > > 00000011 00008bd2 00003878 0000218f 00006588 0000651a 0000350f
> > > 0000002e 000c0000 000000b9 e1ac00b9 00400218 00000000 aa180000
> > > 000c817a d01000b9
Then you likely have an ATI video card installed in your PC.  The work-around to this problem is to turn off the "acceleration" on the video card.  Some folks have seen problematic interactions between their ATI driver and other software.  Visit for related information.

Q: BikeBrain Desktop can't find speed logs after HotSync.
A: There is one HotSync setting that has to be setup correctly or the speed logs won't be transferred to the Desktop.  On  a PC do the following: Start the Palm Desktop.  Select the HotSync->Custom... menu item.  Then be sure that the System conduit in the list is set to "Handheld overwrites desktop".
On a Mac do the following:  Start the HotSync Manager.  Select the HotSync->Conduit Settings... menu item.  Ensure that the HotSync action for the Backup conduit is "Backup."

If HotSync is working correctly, BikeBrain logs will be found in the Backup sub-folder of your Palm Desktop user folder.  They have names similar to Log99Jul01_232408.PDB.  If you are sure that the logs are being HotSync'd to your Desktop, and the BikeBrain Desktop doesn't automatically open them, then select the Edit->Preferences menu item of the BikeBrain Desktop and specify the folder from which logs should be fetched.  Then select the File->Fetch HotSync'd Data menu item to open the logs in the specified folder.

Q: How do I weather proof my BikeBrain?
A: The case is sweat and splash proof.  We have a simple solution for weather proofing your BikeBrain.