BikeBrain is a new class of bicycle computer that brings route directions to life by prompting you at every turn and point of interest on your rides. You download route directions to BikeBrain® and it displays exact route directions as you ride. BikeBrain also provides complete cyclometer functionality, a real-time speed graph, an altitude profile of the route, and speed logging for post-ride upload and analysis on a desktop computer. 

We've designed Bike Brain for use with 3Com's Palm® series of personal organizers. Palm organizers are ideally suited for Bike Brain because of their small size and large screen display. Bike Brain software runs on Palm organizers and includes a skin-tight case, an adaptable and shock-absorbing mount, a wheel sensor, and desktop software for route publishing, downloading and ride analysis. 

Key Features
  • Unique, patented feature to display and record bicycle route sheets. 
  • Prompts that tell you when and where to turn - no need for paper route sheets. 
  • Altitude profile of routes so you know how far the summit is.
  • Full text description of each route direction or point of interest 
  • Comprehensive cyclometer. 
  • Real-time graph of speed vs. time and speed vs. distance. 
  • Smart logging of speed and split data for later upload and analysis on a Mac or PC 
  • Automatic wheel size calibration 
  • "Point and click" set-up of wheel size and other variables 
  • A durable and sleek case for mounting BikeBrain on your handlebar or stem 
  • Desktop software for route sheet publishing and performance analysis 

BikeBrain Displays

The Route Sheet Shows: 
  • The route we're following 
  • The next direction is a right turn at Yesler Way in 4.90 miles
  • We're currently at 6.80 miles and 1100 feet

The Route Profile Shows: 
  • Current location on the route being followed 
  • The next route direction is a right turn 
  • Distance of the next route direction
  • Altitude of the next route direction
  • The cyclist climbs the graph as you climb the hill 
The Direction Screen:

This screen is displayed when you're riding and recording a route.  Every time you press the X button this screen prompts you for the route direction.  You annotate these directions on the BikeBrain Desktop.

The Cyclometer Shows: 
  • Current speed as text and graph 
  • Average speed as text and graph 
  • Maximum speed, distance, time of day 
  • Ride time - time spent riding 
  • Distance to the next route direction
  • Estimated time of arrival at the next route direction 
  • Graph scrolls so the right hand edge is the current time.
The Jumbo Cyclometer Shows: 
  • Jumbo 1 inch tall digits
  • Touch any cyclometer readout to magnify (speed shown)
  • Touch large digits to return to the graph display
The Setup Screen Shows:
  • Simple tire size setup
  • Route direction prompting preference
  • Ride Log size, currently set to 8K bytes